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"Tradition of Study Circles is not a new one" said Dr R D Munda. Speaking in the series two of the Jharkhand Adivasi Discussion Group held on Tuesday (12th May) at Abhilasha Apts, stressed that "works such as Tribal Awakening and Crisis in Chotanagpur were the results of such initiatives then".

The focus of the discussion was on "Socio-Linguistic Study on Adivasi Journalism - in the context of Santali, Mundari, Ho, Kharia and Kurux journals" – the work of Dr Bhubneshwar Sawaiyan. Participants from department of Tribal and Regional Language Department, Ranchi University, voluntary organizations and independent writers were part of this discussion group. This doctoral thesis of Sawaiyan has been a pains taking work. Dr Vir Bharat Talwar, Dr. A.C. Sahoo and Dr. G.R. Gaunjhu had evaluated it and given very encouraging remarks.

In this era with the kind of state sponsored development, while even before its impact on the adivasis and local communities could be fully assessed and responded to, the advent of the companies having Indian names, but multinational competent are on their tows to make their entries in Jharkhand. What it has brought to the people of Jharkand is disintegration in their own social and political strength and alienation them from their own roots and their own homes.

It was stated in the discussion group that the objective of such meetings are to share the understanding of the indigenous reality in a relative context; comprehend the indigenous discourse and conceptualizing the perspectives into certain disciplines or field of studies; together which is directed towards developing common positions on certain thematic areas.

With a note of appreciation to Sawaiyan's contribution, it was said that Adivasi (language) Journalism needs ground breaking work in the field of information sharing. Along with it working on other thematic areas, that there is a need to make process as these into a living tradition.

Bineet  Mundu  

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