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BIRSA MRIG VIHAR (Birsa Deer Park), Ranchi - A popular tourist point in Jharkhand * Share

The Birsa Deer Park about eleven kilometers from Ranchi is fast emerging as the favorite tourist spot. The park started it with 15 deers and the number has gone up to 230 deers. The park provides good natural habitat to the deer. The arrangements in the park as well as the safari around the park are the main attractions for the tourists.


The numbers of tourists to the park are increasing every year. "There is no problem in commutation. Safari routes have been made. People can take those routes and enjoy the trip. The park is approximately 20 kilometers away from Ranchi. So, the roads are properly laid. There is every provision. Right now we have 231 deer in the park. When this park was established, we had only 15 deer. Every year its population is fast increasing." said Gopal Chand, the caretaker of the park.



According to the park officials the weather conditions between November to February are ideal for visiting the park. The park also has beautiful gardens and play parks for the children. "I've come here with my family. We saw many deer here. We liked it a lot. There are very good facilities. There is also a play-park here for children to enjoy." a visitor, Ali, said. The park is easily accessible from the Ranchi Airport as well as the Hatia Railway Station. A number of hotels have come up in close vicinity of the park, making the stay comfortable for the tourists in Khunti.


ANI 2008 Jan 3

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